Th’ Mole Hole - Davecat AKA So I Married An Inanimate Object

(Also featuring David Liebe Hart of Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!)

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Sole interview on Th’ Mole Hole, Feb. 24, 2014

An exclusive interview w/ anarchist rapper Sole (Tim Holland) on Th’ Mole Hole radio show last night.  The hour-long in-depth interview covers the rise and split with Anticon, Sole’s evolution as a musician, life as an activist, and his new album, Death Drive. Also features an eclectic mix of music, comedy, news, reviews and more, w/ special guest Meri St Mary.



Motion Recordings Compilation 2014


Th’ Mole Hole - Protest Episode

I uploaded last week’s episode in case you missed it. I think it was my best one. The “Protest Episode” featuring some funny audio theater stuff, a recording of myself in a therapy session, karaoke, and some of the most ridiculous music ever recorded.

Pt 1
Pt 2
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Young & Restless: That Was Then… This Is Now!

Since this excellent and underrated release is out of print, and since all of the MP3 versions I’ve found have major glitches throughout, I have acquired the original CD, encoded 320 kbps MP3’s, and made the download available for your listening pleasure. You’re welcome.

Young & Restless: That Was Then… This Is Now! (Pandisc, 1992)
1. That Was Then, This Is Now
2. Bitch Role
3. Yoke The Damn Thing
4. Eyes Of An Assassin
5. 3 Kool Kats
6. Broward County Cops
7. Just A Little Story
8. Let Me See You Jiggle Dat
9. Git Goin’ Clown
10. Can U Git It
11. Lord Is Our Friend


Crystal Fairy & Noah23 on TH’ MOLE HOLE


This Monday’s episode of Th’ Mole Hole will feature, in addition to the usual eclectic mix of lounge/folk/rap/electro/trap/latin/soul/juke music, exclusive interviews with rapper Noah23 and Crystal Fairy (upon whom the recent movie Crystal Fairy & The Magical Cactus is based).  

I’ll get in-depth with Noah, spanning his life from birth to the present, discussing his musical influences, philosophical beliefs and occult influences, plus he’ll give us a quick live performance.  And then Crystal Fairy and I will discuss her reaction and feelings about the internationally distributed film starring Michael Cera that used her name, likeness and very personal experiences without her permission.  

In addition I’ll be playing new episodes of the audio theatre series Adventures In The New World, the fantasy-comedy segment Ask Dragonmaster, the for-dogs-only Canine Corner, Nomar Slevik's Poignant Paranormal Moment news report, and the Recipe Of The Week.  What more could you ask for?

Th’ Mole Hole airs every Sunday at, from 8-10pm Pacific and every other Monday at from 10pm-midnight Pacific.  (Stay tuned in the coming weeks for new interviews including actor/comedian Rick Shapiro, rapper/activist Sole of Anticon, a transgender lady, a pet healer, a paranormal investigator, and a UFO summoner.)

By the way…


I’ve been sucking at updating this blog lately, but besides the latest DJ 0.000001 release, Seasonal Affective Disorder (which I think is the best DJ 0.000001 album yet), Motion Recordings has also recently released the very strange EP by Enis: Do I Love Love More Than Love?, DJ 0.000001’s More F#!%ing Remixes Vol. 2 (while Vol. 1 came out via New Cocoon), and re-released Jonah Brown’s 2012 debut, Logfather (as it was previously available only via various other distribution networks for $10).  Also on New Cocoon, the Morphogenesis compilation features a new instrumental by Th’ Mole.  All the above are available for free or donation.  (Also stay tuned for the Motion Recordings 2014 compilation, and tune in every Sunday, 8-10pm Pacific at and every other Monday, 10pm-12am Pacific at for new episodes of Th’ Mole Hole radio show.)


1. Epcot “Bad Dreamcatcher (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)” 

2. Supreme Cuts “Jacy (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)” 

3. $keletor G.I. Joe “Battletoadz (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)” 

4. Big Daddy Kane “To Be Your Man (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)” 

5. Wondermints “Sweetness (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)” 

6. Yung Lean “GreyGoose (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)” 

7. Reefer “Blue Moon (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)” 

8. Cashmere Cat “Secrets + Lies (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)” 

9. Brian Wilson “Stay Awake (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)”

Weird Al Yankovic “White & Nerdy (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)” as featured on DJ 0.000001: More F@!%ing Remixes Vol. 2, free to download at

Cypress Hill “I Ain’t Goin’ Out Like That (DJ 0.000001 Rmx)”

Crown Hutch “Hoops (Deluxe)” - weird song - I like it.

(produced by Aimless/Focus)

Diplo ft. Mike Posner, Boaz Van De Beatz & Riff Raff “Crown (DJ 0.000001 Remix)”

lyrics (beginning at 1:45):
i can’t wait to be gay
don’t worry bout those zebras
don’t worry bout those zebras
don’t worry bout those zebras
cheeba darth bloom
i can’t wait to be gay
don’t worry bout those zebras
don’t worry bout those zebras
don’t worry bout those zebras
cheeba darth bloom, juice, a cool erection